GLoSS is a screensaver and desktop changer for Gallery2 which uses the random Image Block functionality in Gallery2 to download images from your Gallery installation and use them as a Windows screensaver and as a background on your Windows desktop.


  • Local user-configurable caching and offline mode (displays random pictures from local cache when offline).
  • Allows you to specify the max size of the images to be displayed (as a percentage of available screen real estate).
  • Supports multiple monitors - can choose to have the screensaver fill a screen or the whole desktop. I use UltraMon, so with my screensaver, I can choose to have one screensaver fill the whole virtual desktop, or have two copies of my screensaver running in different monitors.
  • Authentication against username/password protected Gallery2 installations.
  • Ability to select random images only from specific albums in your Gallery2 installation.
  • Ability to change your Windows desktop background at regular, user-selectable intervals to a random image from your Gallery2 installation.
  • Widget-style display of EXIF information, image description from Gallery, etc.
  • High quality resampling of images using a Lanczos Kernel filter when resizing for display.
  • History of desktop image changes.
  • Prevention of screensaver startup when a particular application is active (e.g. screensaver should never start when Skype is active).
  • Drag 'n' drop image onto Thumbnail Widget to change desktop image.
  • Double-click on image in Thumbnail Widget to open image in default viewer.
  • Google Earth 4 integration - live display of current desktop image location (geocoded images only).
  • Support for proxy servers.
  • Auto-update feature checks for new versions of GLoSS on startup.
  • Automatic purging of images older than X days from cache - prevents cache becoming stale if images are removed from Gallery.
  • Uploading of JPEGs to Gallery, with automatic, configurable resizing of images (again, using high quality Lanczos Kernel filter) prior to upload.
  • Optional locking of workstation requiring standard Windows login password when Screensaver is interrupted.


  • Gallery 2.1.1 or higher
  • Image Block module (only required for Gallery2 installations prior to G2.2RC1)
  • Remote module
  • Windows 2000 or higher [has only been extensively tested on Windows XP]
  • Optional: Google Earth integration requires version 4.0.2080 or later of Google Earth


GLoSS is licensed for use under the following Creative Commons License:
Creative Commons License
However, please make a donation via the link on the right if you find this program useful.
You may NOT host the installer yourself nor link to the installer on this site directly.
If you link to this site from your own site, under the terms of the Creative Commons License, you should provide correct attribution preferably along with a note indicating that donations for use of GLoSS are appreciated (see the FAQ for more information).

Screenshot of Desktop Changer in action

Screenshot of Screensaver in action


Version 1.5.0 released

The latest release of GLoSS includes the following new functionality/bug fixes:

  • Added "scatter on desktop" functionality to display images at random angles in screensaver.
  • Added "scale images to fill desktop" functionality to desktop changer (useful for cropping galleries of landscape photos to fill the desktop)

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